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Grey Oaks Sales For First Half On Fire!
August 09, 2011

For the first half of this year, Grey Oaks exceeded $52.2 million in sales and there seems to be no stopping that trend. That figure represented a 25% increase over the same period last year which is quite significant.

What is interesting is the fact that resales in Grey Oaks have declined which shows that the people who have purchased there appreciate the tremendous long-term value that the community represents.

Two of the communities that are doing very well are Torino and Miramonte which were both purchased by the Ronto Development Group. New model residences and decorator-ready units will be released in the coming months which should add to the excitment of those two developments within the community.

Look for another community within Grey Oaks, Traditions, to catch on fire as well as they unvail new product in the coming months.

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